Sports Venues

If there’s one group of individuals that receives more than their fair share of ridicule, it’s the owners of professional sports teams.  The equation is simple: when the team WINS the players get all the credit, but when they lose it’s the OWNERS fault.  Compounding the problems for today’s owners are the financial realities surrounding not only escalating player salaries, but also the struggling macro-economic environment which continues to take its toll on every facet of the entertainment and leisure industries.

With a background in both sports management and social media, DemingHill has considered the predicament of sports team owners and designed a custom Social Media Sports Management (SMSM) solution specifically tailored for this industry.  DemingHill’s program works directly with the team ownership of top-tier sporting venues to identify the exact profile of the individuals most likely to purchase tickets for their executive suites and other high-end, concierge-level products, and then targets a specific social media campaign directly to that clientele.  This program is designed with the diplomacy, discretion, and selectivity required by those considered for this exclusive category, and will extend tailored brand messages to them in an appropriate, sensitive, and professionally-rendered fashion.

In addition to helping ownership fill their high-end, high-margin suites, DemingHill also partners with teams to leverage some of our most advanced social media tools, platforms, and strategies to identify and contact those companies most aligned with your brand to discuss potential sponsorships, brand reciprocity, and other mutually beneficial promotional opportunities for enabling maximum visibility and revenue.

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