Welcome all NSA Unconference attendees.  Thank you for visiting my presentation.  The opportunity to share with you during the NSA Unconference in Atlanta was an amazing opportunity to allow me to give back to those that have helped me and my company over the past couple years, so thank you for being a part of it. During my session I promised to make available several documents.

Here they are:

DemingHill’s Social Media Strategic Plan Preparatory Worksheet for Speakers

Editorial Calendar for Speakers

Social Media ROI & Measurement Outline

Presentation Deck: A Speakers Guide to Social Media: Identify Your Opportunity! Outline Your Plan! Get Results!

Save my company contact information should you ever have any questions in the future:

Nathan C. Kievman
DemingHill, CEO
(866) 891-0526

I wish you well on your journey in social media and hope we are able to connect again in the future.

~ Nate