At DemingHill, we understand speakers.  We also understand social media. In fact, we’ve found social media to be much like the perfect speaking engagement.  You start with a one-way declaration of your findings, observations, and conclusions – in short, your point of view.  What follows is a period of Q&A, that unscripted, unplugged, and often humorous interaction with your audience that most speakers will admit is the most satisfying because it allows for more in-depth exploration of specific points of interest to those in the audience.  And finally, there are the “sidebar” conversations, those intimate, extended, one-on-one exchanges in the hallways and corridors, which have historically turned out to be the most valuable, because this is where the NEXT speaking engagements usually come from.

DemingHill partners with speakers to achieve their primary goal – booking the calendar for the next year - by establishing and growing an increasingly successful personal brand to help you get paid more for better opportunities than last year.  DemingHill organizes and optimizes your online presence to reinforce your content and expertise, so instead of spending your time calling associations and business groups begging for a luncheon, clients are contacting you – a much more lucrative proposition from every angle.

Look, we know that most speakers regard social media with a healthy dose of skepticism and the enthusiasm of an afternoon at the dentist – and for good reason – because in the wrong hands it can be just an over-hyped waste of time.  The bottom line is, it’s not your core competency.  That’s where we come in.  DemingHill partners with you to directly contact the targeted audience you want to reach using the  most advanced social media methodologies available, letting you focus on what you do best.

DemingHill’s customized “Social Media For Speakers” program is designed to establish you as an authority in your area of speaking and specialty, and structures your social media universe to enable broadcast visibility for your presentations, Q&A interactions with your audience, and intimate one-on-one conversations with those interested in scheduling your next engagement.

DemingHill’s Services for Speakers Include:

  • Assessment of Market Opportunity
  • Market Influencer & Blogger Outreach Program
  • Social Media Infrastructure: Set Up & Optimize
  • Speakers Social Media “Land a Keynote” Distribution Strategy
  • Speakers Social Influencer Syndication Program
  • Monthly Automated Social Media “Get Booked” Sales Program
  • Inbound Marketing: Get Found, Get Booked
  • Management, Monitoring & Metrics

Additionally, DemingHill Provides Optimization Services for the Following Social Platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blogs

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