Nobody ever set out to be a writer.   On Career Day in Middle School, there was no section of the cafeteria set aside for “Authors,” and no newly-minted senior – after being cornered by a pushy uncle at their graduation party– ever clutched their diploma, hand over heart, and proclaimed, “I shall become a writer.”  Why?  Because people don’t choose to write, they are chosen to write.  A person does not become a writer until they have absorbed and endured, their life-balance becoming so full that it overflows, and the years of struggle – like sand through an hourglass – are transformed from frictional irritants into pearls of wisdom.

Great writing is the outpouring of the soul.  It is real, authentic, and timeless.  But most importantly, it is truth, and in truth there is power.  Power to reach.  Power to inspire.  Power to lead.  Do great writers make great leaders?  Or, do great leaders make great writers?  It is the gifted ones who have blurred the lines between the two and have become today’s “thought leaders” – sages commanding the attention of others through the influence of their ideas and ideals.

While the process of writing is very personal, so is the process of reading, and the resulting intellectual and emotional bond created between reader and writer – while mysterious – is nevertheless real.  Your book has established you as a voice of authority.  Your words and ideas have created a bond with your reader.  The final question then becomes, “How can this connection be strengthened for the benefit of both parties?”  The answer is social media.

DemingHill’s social media solutions provide authors with an organized and centralized strategy for managing your book and your brand across the entire digital spectrum, providing you with broadcast options for reaching a mass audience, as well as narrowcast conversations for connecting with your community of followers one-on-one.

DemingHill partners with authors to serve as a trusted advisor for taking the truths and ideas of your publication and giving it the widest possible audience, a strategy which benefits you (for more book sales, revenue, visibility, publicity, and marketing opportunities), as well as your readers (including access to the author for interaction and dialog – feedback which could then be used to generate new ideas and perhaps a follow-up book based on these discussions).   We will work with you to establish your social media foundation on all of the major platforms – aligned with your personal brand  – to communicate your passion for your content and your desire to share it with others – and in the process, transform you from “author” to “authority” in your area of expertise.

DemingHill’s Social Media for Authors Program Includes:

  • Assessment of Market Opportunity
  • Market Influencer & Blogger Outreach Program
  • Social Media Infrastructure: Set Up & Optimize
  • Authors Social Media Launch Day Distribution
  • Authors Social Press Release & Syndication Program
  • Evergreen Social Media Book Sales Program
  • Inbound Marketing: Get Found, Get Sales
  • Management, Monitoring & Metrics

Additionally, DemingHill Provides Optimization Services for the Following Social Platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blogs

Strategic Partnership Visibility

Through a relationship with one of our partners, DemingHill is able to provide additional assistance to authors seeking large quantity sales by offering insider pricing and strategic distribution to individuals in positions of leadership and authority within the publishing industry.  Authors are able to reach over 1000 reviewers in the U.S. and Canada, nearly 40,000 librarians, and over 3200 independent bookstores with Jenkins Group, Inc.’s monthly email programs entitled “The Critic’s Bookshelf” and “Review Direct” – perfect for those who want to reach thousands of people easily and economically!  From the Jenkins Group, Inc…

“The Critic’s Bookshelf is a monthly e-catalog sent to over 1000 book reviewers across the United States and Canada. It features the latest titles coming from small and independent publishers. We showcase front cover images, brief book descriptions and publisher/author contact information so that reviewers can easily connect with the people who can send them review copies of those books they’re most interested in. This e-publication saves you valuable time and money because you do not have to pack and mail hundreds of books to reviewers who may or may not be interested in your book. You’ll send book copies to only those reviewers who contact you! And, to help you make the most of this program, we’re offering additional frequency discounts, enabling you to feature your book in three or six editions of The Critic’s Bookshelf. Professional marketers will tell you that it can take at least 3 impressions for your message to stick – we want to make this easy and affordable for you!”

We also offer an opportunity for you to introduce your work to approximately 40,000 librarians and nearly 3200 independent bookstores across the United States. The monthly Review Direct newsletter features book covers and descriptions just as in The Critic’s Bookshelf. Librarians and bookstore buyers have come to rely on the Review Direct newsletter to learn about the latest titles coming from small and independent publishers. They’re able to peruse the listings, connect directly with you to learn more, or if interested in making a purchase, they’ll either contact their wholesalers and distributors, or even go directly to you. We are offering limited time frequency discounts for this program as well.”
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