Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

DemingHill understands the process of launching a company, and the many challenges facing entrepreneurs as they transition from incubation and proof-of-concept through growth, break-even, and profitability. To accelerate the success trajectory of startup firms while minimizing risk and monthly burn rate, DemingHill has created a customized social media program specifically designed to give entrepreneurs maximum Bang-For-The-Buck.  Instead of paying to hire 20 people in sales, carving up territories, and then dialing for dollars hoping for the best, startups can utilize DemingHill’s Inbound Social Marketing Program, combining an array of complementary social media tools and precise strategies to reach a targeted audience, communicate a unique value proposition, and generate new business.  When properly executed, the results are powerful.  Instead of wasting time with endless gatekeepers while trying to reach elusive prospects, interested and qualified leads find and contact you – dramatically reducing the time, cost, and resources required to close sales and realize revenue.

DemingHill partners with entrepreneurs by serving as a virtual marketing arm, extending your capacity to reach your audience through online and social channels.  DemingHill starts by establishing a strategic marketing funnel, designed to lead prospects directly to a specific decision point where they are presented with an immediate opportunity to purchase your products or services.  With a compelling call to action, customized product/service offering, and tailored branding which appeals to a variety of market segments, firms can minimize the upfront costs associated with hiring a fulltime sales force, maximize visibility on all of the premier social media platforms, and establish a structured, systematic, and scientific approach to driving qualified buyers to your virtual doorstep.

DemingHill’s Entrepreneur/ Start-Up Services Include:

  • The DemingHill SIQMA™ Program (Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit)
  • Social Media Marketing & Strategic Plan
  • Content Development & Distribution Plan + Editorial Calendar
  • Social Media Intellectual Property Acquisition Program
  • Social Infrastructure & Social Commerce Integration
  • Online Marketing Funnel Set Up & Optimization
  • Website & Blog Optimization
  • Marketing Campaigns: Word of Mouth, Inbound Strategies, Promotions, Press Releases
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Social Joint Venture Strategies & Implementation
  • Community Development & Growth Strategies
  • Social Media Direct Messaging Campaigns
  • Strategic Seat at the Table for Social Strategies

Additionally, DemingHill Provides Optimization Services for the Following Social Platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • MySpace
  • Blogs

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