Both Phil Mickelson and Manny Ramirez have a swing coach.  Why?  Because as good as they are, they want to be even better.   For those progressive enterprises and executives that have recognized the potential of social media and are already leveraging this new medium for the benefit of their organization, we offer DemingHill as your social media “swing coach.” You’re already accomplishing great things with social media.  Our job is to help you achieve even more.  But there’s one more thing…

Today’s executives now find themselves in a vulnerable position. They are responsible for successful social media outcomes and increasingly reliant on social media as the next frontier for reaching their market, yet they have difficulty finding within their organization someone to whom they can turn for an expert, objective, and informed assessment of their social media initiatives and proven strategies for optimizing this emerging platform. Having a CXO ask his Head of Digital Media or his PR Agency of record “How are we doing with social media?” is like asking Al Gore if he thinks there is global warming – the response is bound to be impassioned, but inherently subject to a severe conflict of interest.

The executives that confide in us voice one simple request, “Give me the facts, and give them to me straight.”  You want the truth regarding your social media efforts, and that’s what we’ll give you.  Our greatest value to leaders like you is to cut the clutter and hype and tell it to you straight.  We’ll evaluate your social media universe from top to bottom using our proprietary Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit (SIQMA™), give you the good, bad, and ugly, along with the science and stats to back it up, and finally recommendations on how to modify or improve efforts for maximum impact.  After that, it’s up to you.  We can simply walk away, arrange to return in 3 or 12 months for another social media audit, define a more active and involved role in your social media success, or just stick around until you get your swing back.

DemingHill Offers the Following Services for Enterprise:

  • Social Impact Qualitative Management Audit (SIQMA™)
  • Social Media Strategic Plan & Go to Market Strategy
  • Executive Advisor: Social Media Risk Mitigation & Strategic Second Opinion

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