DemingHill has spent the past two years researching and refining an advanced system of complementary and correlating measurement tools designed to provide large organizations with a true understanding and assessment of their complete social media footprint enterprise-wide.  The resulting intelligence compiled from these exhaustive efforts became the basis for our proprietary DemingHill Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit (SIQMA™) Program, a 360-degree assessment and analysis of a company’s current social media efforts based on comparisons to established industry benchmarks.  Our SIQMA™ Program focuses on the six key areas most responsible for contributing to social media IMPACT:


Market Share





By introducing science, statistics, and structure into the evaluation of corporate social media efforts, DemingHill is speaking to company leadership in a language they both value and understand – the language of management.  Just like a tax audit, firms contract with DemingHill to perform a quarterly or annual Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit™, comprised of discovery, analysis, assessment, and recommendations for improvement.

Companies participating in our annual audit will be provided exclusive access to our Social Media Statistical Survey report (the combined database of social media norms and benchmarks across every industry and vertical), and also permitted to participate in our ongoing longitudinal studies and research (pursuing data which tracks trends like the market share and stock price of firms that aggressively pursue social media, versus those that don’t).  The result of these studies and findings will be then be prepared and presented as white papers, case studies, and forecasts, offering further commentary, analysis, and thought leadership on the science of social media.

DemingHill Offers the Following Enterprise Services:

  • Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit (SIQMA™)
  • Strategic Plan & Go to Market Strategy
  • Executive Advisor: Social Media Risk Mitigation & Strategic Second Opinion

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