Corporations & SMB’s

At DemingHill, “Bringing Science to Social Media is more than just our tag line; it’s who we are. We’re quants, statisticians, MBA’s, project managers, and executives.  Frustrated with the ambiguity of metrics like buzz, mindshare, and “going viral,” DemingHill has spent the past two years designing a process for systematizing social media initiatives within organizations.  The result is a scientific, outcomes-based methodology, starting with the creation of an integrated, brand-centric foundation and ending with a clear strategy and roadmap for optimizing social media, across both the internal enterprise and the premier external online platforms.  This structured approach mitigates risk by architecting an environment of accountability and scalability, enabling social media to be managed like a mission-critical project, complete with milestones, deliverables, and bottom-line results.

DemingHill partners with corporations to serve as both an authoritative social media confidante, as well as a virtual extension of ongoing, online, social media marketing efforts, providing expert programs and advice for designing an effective marketing funnel with a compelling call to action, customized product/solution offerings, and tailored branding which appeals to a variety of market segments. In doing so, firms are able to minimize the costs associated with sales acquisition (effectively driving more sales with less people) and establish a structured, systematic, and scientific approach to bringing qualified buyers to your virtual doorstep.

For companies that have already established their social media framework and want to determine the quality and effectiveness of their social media efforts, DemingHill has recently unveiled our proprietary Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit (SIQMA™).  Our SIQMA™ Program offers firms an industry standard process for evaluating the performance of their social media efforts, with benchmarks including market penetration, brand awareness, visibility, voice, and ultimately revenue.  A quarterly or annual audit will enable both leadership and social media domain experts to track the progress of social media efforts in comparison to industry norms and best practices, facilitating pragmatic discussions regarding expectations for this new medium, and providing an expert, objective, third-party partner along the way.

DemingHill’s Corporate & SMB Services Include:

  • DemingHill’s Signature SIQMA™ Program (Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit)
  • Social Media Marketing & Strategic Plan
  • Content Development & Distribution Plan + Editorial Calendar
  • Social Media Intellectual Property Acquisition Program
  • Social Infrastructure & Social Commerce Integration
  • Online Marketing Funnel Set Up & Optimization
  • Website & Blog Optimization
  • Marketing Campaigns: Word of Mouth, Inbound Strategies, Promotions, Press Releases
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Social Joint Venture Strategies & Implementation
  • Community Development & Growth Strategies
  • Social Media Direct Messaging Campaigns
  • Strategic Seat at the Table for Social Strategies

Additionally, DemingHill Provides Optimization Services for the Following Social Platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • MySpace
  • Blogs

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