Social Media Direct Sales

Social Media ROI – less than 30 Days

Closing business is often referred to as a numbers game – the more people you contact, the more business you’ll generate. The problem many businesses and professionals face today is reaching the right people.  DemingHill solves this problem. Whether you currently have social media figured out or not, DemingHill’s Social Media Direct Message Campaigns are designed to generate Social Media ROI in less than 30 days.

Social Media = Maximum Impact

A pioneer and expert in the science of social media, DemingHill has perfected a system for helping firms in the B2B space, identify and contact their target audience directly (often bypassing the gatekeepers). This means you will spend your time in social media engaging highly pre-filtered prospects interested talking to you today versus sending out “needles in the haystack” hoping that a status update will lead to specific or measurable business.

DemingHill effectively helps you identify your market opportunity, the accessibility to this market, and generates strategic messages to generate inbound leads for you or your sales team from a highly pre-filtered and virtually pre-qualified market. The results come immediately following a program launch… usually accompanied with a “WOW!” factor from our clients.

Let DemingHill help you:

  • Fill your pipeline with qualified leads
  • Create a positive Social Media ROI
  • Generate a measurable Social Media initiative
  • Demonstrate real, scalable, and measurable increases in revenue and ROI from leveraging advanced social media strategies

Proven Results = Proven Revenue

Some Examples of Success:

  • 118 appointments with highly qualified prospects…in 3 days
  • University generated $125,000 in revenue in 60 days, with nearly $250,000 committed for next year
  • 5000 messages, received over 300 responses, and secured over 50 qualified prospect meetings… less than 1 wk.

Historical Campaign Response Rates:

  • Direct Sales:                                  3%-6%
  • Click-Throughs:                           7%-15%
  • Group Campaigns:                      15%-30%
  • Personal Invitation to Talk:    5%-15%

Let us discuss your opportunities in Social Media. During this conversation you will learn about your accessible market, how we can help you reach this market, and what your overall expected opportunity for success looks like.

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