Hire DemingHill to Speak

Because of our fiduciary role in researching, quantifying, and interpreting social media intelligence, and with the development and proliferation of DemingHill’s proprietary Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit (SIQMA™) Program, our leadership team is regularly invited to speak on a range of topics related to the science of social media. 

Presentation Topics Include:

  • Open Your Eyes Or Your Business Will Die: The Impact of Social Media on Business
  • LinkedIn – The Most Powerful Undiscovered B2B Sales Tool of our Generation
  • The Science of Social Media:  Using Benchmarks to Mitigate Risk and Maximize Results
  • Why Quantitative Easing is Bad for Social Media
  • The American Economy in the New Normal:  Why Social Media is the Right Solution at the Right Time
  • Why Executives Hate Social Media
  • An Executives Guide to Social Media
  • An Executives Guide to LinkedIn
  • An Executives Guide to Facebook
  • An Executives Guide to YouTube
  • An Executives Guide to Twitter

In addition, a limited number of personalized sessions and workshops can be arranged based on availability.

To request a keynote speaker, industry specialist, or workshop moderator, please