DemingHill SIQMA™ Program

Frustrated with the ambiguity of metrics like buzz, mindshare, and “going viral,” DemingHill has spent the past two years designing a system for quantitatively evaluating and managing social media initiatives within organizations.  The resulting outcomes-based methodology was unveiled in 2010 and introduced as DemingHill’s proprietary Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit (SIQMA™ ) Program, a 360-degree assessment and analysis of any organizations’ current social media efforts based on comparisons to established industry benchmarks.

DemingHill’s SIQMA™ Program removes the hype and emotion swirling around social media and replaces it with science and structure, offering firms an industry standard process for evaluating the performance of social media efforts, with quantitative documentation of market penetration, awareness, presence, visibility, voice, and ultimately revenue.  Our quarterly or annual audit enables both leadership and social media domain experts to track the progress of social media efforts in comparison to industry norms and best practices, facilitating pragmatic discussions regarding expectations for this new medium, and providing an expert, objective, third-party partner along the way.

Our SIQMA™ Program includes an advanced system of complementary and correlating measurement tools which we use to analyze the six key areas most responsible for contributing to social media IMPACT:


Market Share





Currently this is no ISO Standard, accrediting body, or certification criteria for social media, and therefore no mechanism for comparative evaluation or determination of the effectiveness or success of social media initiatives.  With our advanced, proven, and proprietary system of correlated metrics, algorithms, and predictive outcomes, DemingHill now offers an industry standard for comparing and evaluating social media, providing an intelligence-based framework for capturing and articulating best practices within this emerging industry worldwide.

DemingHill: “Bringing Science to Social Media

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