About Us

DemingHill is an innovative consortium of best-in-class social media talent assembled to provide enterprise-wide, business-class social media solutions for industry-leading organizations and professionals.  Named after two of the most prolific business scientists in America History (Napoleon Hill and W. Edwards Deming), DemingHill has spent the past two years designing a process for structuring, systematizing, and evaluating social media initiatives within organizations.  The result has been the completion of a scientific, outcomes-based methodology unveiled as our Social Impact Quantitative Management Audit (SIQMA™) Program, which starts with the creation of an integrated, brand-centric foundation and ends with a clear strategy and roadmap for optimizing social media, across both the internal enterprise and the premier external online platforms.  This approach mitigates risk and generates results by architecting an environment of accountability and scalability, enabling social media to be managed like a mission-critical project, complete with milestones, deliverables, and bottom-line results.

Intellectual Capital

DemingHill’s vision for “Bringing Science to Social Media™” has attracted a team of neo-traditional talent, energized by the audacity and – some may say – “Quixotic” pursuit of this challenge.  Our leadership team, owners, and advisors are comprised of social media quants, business strategists, statisticians, MBA’s, project managers, and executives – the kinds of minds that used to voluntarily sit in the front row of their college lecture hall just so they could ask difficult questions…and then leave.  It is our understanding yet irreverence for the hype of social media that enables us to partner with company executives (who have authority, but less understanding of social media) and company marketers (who have social media understanding, but less authority) to help them avoid the train-wreck when generations collide at the intersection of social media and social security.